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Your Investment

Beginning a new career requires an investment in time and money. Here are some answers to the question: How much will it cost to get started?

Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Realtor Start-up Cost

You will need to spend money to learn the licensing laws and real estate rules of each state. After your pre-licensing is complete, you will spend more career investment dollars on examinations. Once licensed by the state, you will pay license fees, insurance and Realtor Association dues. Finally when you affiliate with HUFF Realty you will incur some nominal start-up charges.


Education Requirements:

• 6 hours annually, 3 must be LAW

• KY CORE Course every 4 years

Original License: $60.00

Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors (NKAR)

One time application fee of $455.00 for brand new members.

• Local dues, January 2013 (prorated monthly) $173.00

• State 98.00

• National 120.00

• Image (public awareness) 35.00

Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service (NKMLS)

One time application fee of $100.00 for brand new members

One time application fee of $ 50.00 for Supra Key

• Quarterly MLS, January 2013 (prorated) $130.00

• Supra Key, Quarterly, January 2103 (prorated) 68.73

• Supra Key, annual activation fee 50.00

• Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC)

• E&O Insurance, Quarterly, March 2013

a) Fort Mitchell $126.42 **

b) Florence $127.49 **

c) Brooksville $126.42 **

d) Highland Heights $129.83 **

** 2012 rates based on city location. These rates are subject to change due to the open bidding process every 2 years. Offers / bids for 2013 have not been received at this time.

HUFF Realty

• IFAX, annual, April 2013, prorated. $ 77.00

Total Start-up Investment:
Note: This is an estimate. Total investment may be higher.


Pre-License Course:
54 hours required=$395.00

IN Real Estate Commission:
Exam Fee=$75.00

Annual License Renewal= $39.00

So. Indiana Realtors Assoc.

Dues (SIRA, IAR, NAR) *=$461.00

Multiple Listing Service *=$750.00

Application Fee MLS (one time lonly)= $62.50

Application Fee IAR (one time only)= $62.50

Application Fee SIRA (one time only)= $200.00

Supra Key Deposit (lockbox)= $200.00

Annual Supra Key (lockbox)= $180.00

HUFF Realty
Errors and Omissions Insurance *=$124.28

Legal Defense Fund **=$60.00

HUFF Realty Start-up Package ***= $175.00

* Prorated

** Biannual fee

*** One time fee

Total Start-up Investment:

Note: This is an estimate. Total investment may be higher.

Supra Key - Entry system used to hold house keys for agent entry into houses for sale

Questions? Contact Pam Schreiter, HUFF Realty 513-644-4111